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Ghana unveils new brand

Published in the “Daily Guide” on July 26, 2012

By Ryan Schoeck

The vice-president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, second from left, sits in at the Brand Ghana Programme launch.
Photo Credit: Ryan Schoeck


With the official launch of the Brand Ghana programme Tuesday morning, then Vice President John Dramani Mahama discussed the importance of promoting a positive image of the country despite the many challenges Ghanaians currently face.

“What we intend to achieve by branding is to evoke positive thoughts about our nation,” Mahama said. “Ghana must harness all of its positive attributes in order to show the world.”

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Brand Ghana Office, Mathias Akotia, took the stage first, outlining the programme’s mission and long term, six-step development model.

The message of the brand, Akotia explained, is to promote the vision of being a “democratic and prosperous nation with vibrant and healthy people, founded on the ideals of freedom and justice.” Akotia discussed Brand Ghana’s framework and how its branding strategies will place an emphasis on tourism, investment, governance and sports.

He told the audience that they are pushing to establish a compelling image for Ghana, both locally and internationally, using this new model.

Mr. Mahama followed Akotia’s outline by discussing the many positive implications the name ‘Ghana’ evokes in others: both to the Ghanaian people, as well as those who hear the name mentioned outside of the country.

“Some factors have helped to brand Ghana already,” Mahama said. “As a model of democracy today because of the successful elections we’ve had over the years, when the name ‘Ghana’ is mentioned, the concept of a safe, secure, democratic, constitutionally governed country comes into mind.”

Mahama stressed to the brand council members that one of biggest challenges the programme will face is “how to let Ghanaians believe in themselves.”

He said that Ghanaians must count successes more than failures in their lives. “In Ghana we are often looking at our failures,” he said. “How can we expand that in order to fight the challenges that we face?”

After his speech, Mahama stood with the Brand Ghana council members and officially unveiled the logos that will be used throughout the city as a means of promoting the company’s vision. The slogan, “Uniquely Welcoming Ghana” will complement the brand’s new logo.

By Ryan Schoeck