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That’s a lot of water…

Ghana is divided into ten regions and for our last group trip on the Obroni Bus, we headed to the Volta Region, located in the eastern side of the country. I’m a sucker for boating and lakes so when I heard we would be staying on the lake itself, taking a boat ride, and hiking to the tallest waterfall in Western Africa I became a giddy girl!

Our bus ride to Volta held an array of new scenery. Accra is a big city so most of the space is taken up by markets, houses, or desolate fields. But once we entered into the Volta Region all of the scenery changed from a man made market city to a green world of jungle and new wildlife.

The waterfall was amazing, to say the least. It was ferocious with a magnitude hard to imagine unless you stood under or near it, which we did. But for us to even get near the waterfall Ghanaians had to guide us towards it… Backwards. Facing towards the waterfall wasn’t happening… The splashes were enough to poke your eye out! Breathing was near impossible because water shot down your throat. And good luck walking alone with the wind. As I faced backwards and moved slowly towards the roar with a Ghanaian tightly holding my hand, water splashed up and stung my back like shards of glass. The wind created from the fall was enough to knock you off your feet, even being stomach deep in the water. I wasn’t ever able to stand under the fall, I think I would have been pummeled into the pool even more than I felt I was, but I stood darn close. As shards of water hit and bounced off my back, my hair blew into my face, my screams were drowned out by the roar of the waterfall, my legs shook from the undercurrent and I lost my balance. Able to regain my bearings quickly by the helpful hand of my new Ghanaian friend, I took a minute to open my eyes to a small squint. I saw dozens of Ghanaians dancing, chanting, and laughing in the more calm and distant water; a euphoric moment for all of us indeed.