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Tro Poem

Lauren and I were taking the tro home from work today and we saw this beautiful golden sun setting behind the Flagstaff House, Ghana’s parliament building. It was quite gorgeous, with gold and pink rays of light scattering all over the glassy building, and I went to lean over and snap a picture but quickly remembered that pictures of government buildings are illegal. So instead I took my journal out of my backpack and scribbled a few lines down to try to capture the moment somehow:







Soft crimson pink

Surrounding skies

Fume-filled air

Dust-stained eyes


Day stretches its might

Into final moments of light


Flagstaff’s own golden structure

Battles with God’s fading face

Rosy yellows comingle

Across rising window panes


I watch sun sink

And building speed by

Beauty is perfected

Just before it dies



  1. I’m so glad you didn’t take a picture. Your poem left a vivid picture. I am so enjoying the articles.

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