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A recollection via noms

I’ve been able to somehow manage through my of week of “American recovery.” I had a 16-ounce cup of coffee right when I got into JFK airport. Once I reached Californian soil I spent the rest of my day eating sushi, sea salted potato chips, and other various snacks courtesy of Trader Joe’s. The next day consisted of more coffee, bagels, and burritos bigger than a newborn. I think I’m going to fit some Korean and In-n-out this weekend. As someone who revolves her schedule around food, my biggest relief when getting home was being able to be within a five-mile radius of tons of different eateries.

I thought that I wouldn’t miss the daily consumption of grilled chicken (and instant ramen if my wallet was feeling thin), but as I was eating my mom’s cooking I definitely had a longing for some red-red, an amazing spicy vegetable sauce that we ate with everything. I regret not buying my own stash of shito (another spicy sauce) or other peppers (see the theme here?). Oddly enough, I will also very much miss their chips/fries. I don’t know what it is, but their method of cooking them almost always great, perhaps better than us Amurricans. The cliché phrase, “You won’t know what you have till it’s gone” is applicable in my case. I swore not to eat chicken for months but if you waved some fried chicken and waakye (a rice and bean side dish) in my face right now I would happily inhale it. I love experiencing difficult cultures through food and Ghana has been no different, even if I had to try a tilapia head to tail.

On my internet browser I have folders marked for different types of recipes. I think a “Ghanaian recipes” bookmark is in order. Helloooo jollof rice.