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An update, and maybe a little self-promotion


Maybe it’s time to let you concerned readers know that I did indeed arrive safely back in the U.S. so you can all breathe that sigh of relief.

I would also like to say, if it wasn’t apparent in my other posts, that I had such a blast in Ghana. It was an experience that I would gladly do over again, had I the resources, the time, and the Tums for it.

I am currently in the process of transcribbling my hastily-written journal I had in Ghana into legible computerized text, so if you’d like to see the raw thoughts of being immersed in Ghana, take a look at my personal blog. I don’t always include the best details, so write me some questions if you have any. I’m also uploading my photos there, too.

Thank you again to everyone who was involved with this trip for making it what it was. And if you’re reading this and thinking about doing this program, stop reading right after this sentence and apply. Right now.