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1 Month In: My Reflections

I’ve been in Ghana for one month now.  It’s so funny because I never, ever in a million years expected to visit Africa, much less, live in a West African country for six weeks.  We aren’t here on a vacation because let me tell you, we are living here.  We take care of ourselves by doing our own laundry (by hand), cooking for ourselves (sketchy propane stove), taking public transportation to work (oh, tro-tros), and working in Ghanaian media agencies.

Simple, everyday tasks are difficult such as flushing the toilet, making breakfast, drinking water (tap water is a big no no), buying groceries, finding reliable wifi (basically never), and eating food without fear of diarrhea or vomiting.  It’s such an interesting change from back home but it’s a good type of change.

My internship is pretty amazing.  I really enjoy all of the people I work with.  Everyone is very kind and welcoming.  I’ll be sad to leave them.   I’ve written quite a few articles which have been published.  It’s so exciting to see your work published in print.  I’m glad I decided to stick to the Public Agenda Newspaper because it’s been such a great experience.  I’ll have quite a few portfolio pieces for when I get back home.

I’m definitely to the point now where I miss my family, friends, and home.  I miss the easiness associated with American life and I know I have a better understanding of how truly lucky I am.  Despite my mild homesickness, I’m enjoying my time in Ghana and I know I will be sad to leave.