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Eye Opening Experiences

I’ve tried writing this post multiple times, yet I haven’t been able to get the words out to explain the things I have been experiencing. The last six weeks have been filled with many emotions that were conjured by the experiences I’ve been going through. I’ve been delighted by the kindness I’ve encountered from the Ghanaians while being out and about in different parts of the country. I’ve also felt a deep sadness when touring the poverty stricken areas in Accra. I felt nervousness when getting ready for my internship and meeting all my coworkers. I’ve felt a deep sense of serenity when basking in the sun and lounging at the pool at Coconut Grove Beach Resort and Afrikiko. I’ve felt excitement when playing games with the children at the primary school we visited in Nima. I’ve felt sorrow and a sense of shame when visiting the slave castles at Cape Coast. I’ve felt gratefulness for the things I have experienced in every step of this trip. I would like for this post to come out a little more polished, but truly it’s difficult to explain these feelings in any other way.

There is a certain risk associated with signing up for a program that is based in Africa, and I was slightly concerned when I submitted my application. However, from day one I could already say that this is the trip of a lifetime, and I’m so honored and appreciative to be here. I’ve learned a lot about the culture and people of Ghana, African history, and most importantly, I’ve learned more about myself. I’ve watched the Media in Ghana group and myself grow in ways that simply could not occur in the United States. We have pushed ourselves in unbelievable ways–dealing with less than comfortable situations and facing deep fears. I will miss the beautiful Ghana when I’m back in the States, and the planning for a trip back has already begun.