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Final Day at Penplusbytes

Final Day at Penplusbytes

Today wrapped up the last day of my internship. I know I learned a lot about what ICT (Information Communication and Technology) is and I also learned more about what Penplusbytes is and how their company trains journalists in their New Media Hub.

huff_1I think that going to meetings and conferences about things related to ICT journalism and how it’s all going to impact the future of Ghana’s news was very beneficial. I also believe that doing an internship at something new gave me the opportunity to understand how important social media is and how influential it is on society. In addition, I realized that not only do people consume news and media online, but that everyone is a creator of news. For example, blogs are the new platform that allows users to express their opinions on topics and inform the world about what they know. And Facebook is one of the largest news article distributors.

During my time here I worked on many projects and helped organize and plan an event that is happening in August. I also learned a few new skills on how to create e-mail templates, long Excel contact sheets, and much more. One of my favorite things I created was an Infographic that displays what Penplusbytes does and how it has contributed to news media industry.

Penplusbytes Infographic4