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First Day at the Ghana Football Association

First Day at the Ghana Football Association

After the first week of getting accustomed to the city of Accra, bonding with group members and acclimating to the humidity, it was finally time to start our internships. Yesterday was my first day at the Ghana Football Association (GFA), and to say the least, I hit the ground running.

After arriving to the workplace around noon, I was told that it was a monumental day for the GFA. They were announcing the first ever Women’s FA Cup during a press conference hosted by the GFA President, Kwesi Nyantakyi, and the Sanford World Clinic President, Dr. Kojo Benjamin Taylor. Together they declared a four-year partnership deal with the Women’s FA Cup and selected the match-ups for the 16 Ghanaian women’s teams for the first round of play.


Almost immediately, I had to go into full journalist mode, taking pictures and notes of the press conference while still attempting to comprehend what was going on around me. Once the press conference was over, I had to head back upstairs and begin writing an article for the GFA website. Being thrown into that situation on the first day was slightly overwhelming but also the exact reason why I signed up for this program. I felt like a true journalist on day one.

After the work day concluded and I sent my article to the editor, I left and hailed my first ever Tro-Tro (essentially public transportation). The old Mercedes-Benz van was jam-packed with 23 people, a blaring radio talk show and constant yelling from the mate and driver. After two hours of stop and go traffic and a few more acquaintances met, I was finally home and had concluded the first day.

As a nightcap, the whole group met up at Chez Afrique to share stories of our first days over some delicious food and a few Club beers.