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Ghana Week One

There is much more here; one is forced to experience something new every day. Just when dark matter starts to consume my mind, usually very early in the morning before work, I start to question why I didn’t study abroad in Europe like any other college student.

On my drive to work as I rock out with my coworker to Nsync, I am reminded why I came to Ghana. I do not want an experience like every other student.

In my 20 years of existence, there had been few consistencies. Being in Ghana has reassured some and changed others. What I thought were concrete ideologies have become erased from my memory.

Ghana has solidified my beliefs and drive to be different. To not be concerned with what others think. Crafting me into a mind that can take in different opinions and backgrounds and understand them. To love different views even when I do not always agree with them.

This first week has been packed full with activities; I get excited thinking about the work I will create out of this footage. To make a video that will help me remember all the amazing times.