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Two Weeks in the Citi

Two Weeks in the Citi

Today marks the end of the second week of my internship at Citi FM. Although it has only been two weeks, it feels as though I have been there forever. It was not an easy start to the internship, but after the past few weeks I have become acclimated to the environment and feel like I have finally been able to contribute my skills, but I’m learning so much more. Because of the graciousness and kindness of my coworkers I have been brought along on various assignments out to programs, to meet the former president John Kufour, the police station, and a mental health institute, among other places. Some of my articles have even been published online. Here are some of the links!

Kufor gets leadership and governance award

Unemployment partly to blame for youth violence – Baah Boateng

CHRAJ can probe Mahama’s Ford gift without a commissioner – CPP

All of my success thus far, though, I have to attribute to my coworkers. Without their enthusiasm for their jobs, their kindness in taking me in and showing me the ropes, and their willingness to put up with me when I question them about everything, this internship would be a drag. Honestly, the Citi FM news crew is a family. Today I brought along a fancy camera to work and was immediately bombarded with people asking me to take their photos. Of course, I did this willingly. I wanted to share some of these photos and highlight some of the individuals who have been such a joy to be around.

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