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Am I Twitter-Famous Yet?

Am I Twitter-Famous Yet?

Life as a StarrFM intern is nothing if not interesting! Every day is something completely new, but if I were to give a theme to this last week, it might be “Twitter-Famous.”

The other day, several of my coworkers asked for my Twitter handle. I “followed back,” of course, and quickly learned that the social network is very popular here, especially for those working in radio. Some of my coworkers, especially those who host programs, have over 3,000 followers! They laughed at me for my paltry 286. I’m excited to observe and learn more about how Ghanaians use Twitter. I feel like it is playing an interesting role in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections — I wonder if it is similar here in Ghana.

On another Twitter-related note, I came home from Kumasi on Sunday night to a surprise: the U.S. Embassy in Ghana shared an article I wrote for the Lifestyle section of StarrFMonline! I shared my experience taking the tro-tro to work every day (a popular article subject for interns here, apparently…) Please note that the editor made a few wording changes for clarity that I would not have written… defining “obroni” as “local parlance for Whites,” for example.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 8.01.02 AM
Here is a link the the article.

Here is the full article as published on StarrFM online:

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 4.09.39 PM

P.S. Here’s a shameless plug: If you want to help me *actually* become Twitter-famous, or just enjoy political rants, weird humor and think-pieces, follow me! @BennerRachel