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Going Ghana & More

The number one lesson I have learned while interning with Ghanaians is that work is pretty laid back. Ghanaians love to converse while simultaneously working at their leisure. While this lifestyle is relaxed and a change of pace from the hectic American work schedule, it has left me to seek out other means to keep myself busy. Fortunately, my boss allowed me to take the first couple hours of the work day off to go and pursue my own personal projects.

I decided the Accra Cultural Centre would be the perfect place to seek out interesting visuals. Upon arrival, two men immediately spotted me and my conspicuous tripod and led me to their shop. They were extremely friendly and gathered their friends to give me a drum show. They were surprised by the amount of technological gear I pulled out of my bag but happily kept on drumming. After their ten minute show, I thanked them generously and told them I would be back soon. I am excited to show them the video I was able to create. It is rewarding to use my skills of videography and editing to help create promotional video that others will be able to use to help stimulate business and hopefully bring smiles to their faces.