Rise and Shine-First Day in Ghana!

The radiant sun peeks through beige curtains as I hear the alarm beeping. It’s 7 am which means it’s time to start our first day in Ghana. As I sit up, I feel a rumble in my stomach and run to the bathroom as nausea takes over my body. After feeling sick for an hour, I thought to myself, “as sick as I feel, I absolutely cannot miss a tour of the city that I would be living in for the next six weeks.” My day starts as I struggle to make my way to the classroom for our first lecture with Dr. Michael Williams. He spoke about the culture of Ghana and safety protocols for walking around and eating the local foods. Afterward, we got on the bus for a tour of East Legon in Accra, Ghana. I was surprised that the city had such a drastic combination of a slum community and tall glass buildings. Though my head was still spinning, my eyes wandered around the city and looked around at my new home for the next six weeks. As we pull into the Nima marketplace, it finally hit me that we were in Africa. The dirt roads were filled with potholes and small markets filled with an assortment of items line both sides of the street. My first thought was that it reminded me of a large Saturday market, but this is the everyday market for them. As we continued to drive through the market I saw a large cage stuffed with too many chickens and suddenly I heard gasps from the seats behind me. Someone yells that a chicken was just beheaded! Chicken is prominent in the Ghanaian cuisine and every time I see chicken on my plate, I will continuously be reminded of the chickens in overstuffed cages at the chaotic Nima market.