BlogBlog 17

A Journalist’s Curse

Through a camera lens we can only see so much, what is within the frame, what is in focus, what we choose to capture. But what did we miss as we walked through the Aburi Gardens with cameras raised to document every picturesque scene, plant and story. How much have we already missed in the first week by trying to save the moment for the future rather than experience it now? As journalism students, we are wired to take in all that we can, to document our experiences and share our stories through words and pictures. We are always looking for the right shot, the right angle, the right moment. The moment that others will admire. But through a camera lens, are we truly admiring it ourselves? The fear of missing the shot compels us to carry our cameras everywhere, to take pictures of everything. I just hope we don’t get lost in the lens rather than lost in the moment; the most genuine experiences and stories may actually come when we focus on immersing ourselves completely. Maybe we will find a balance, or maybe it is in our nature to share these experiences rather than truly immerse ourselves in them.