BlogBlog 17

It’s like the first day of school. If school is work and home is Africa.

I woke up this morning feeling like a spring chicken. The 85 degree 100% humid indoor temperature surrounded me in my sleep like the sweaty, claustrophobic blanket I’ve been searching for. I took my first deep breath in and was immediately greeted by the therapeutic aroma of bug spray mixed with the natural fumes excreting from our toilet bowl. Ah, good morning Ghana.

It’s the first day of our internships. Luckily, everyone feels super healthy, comfortable, and confident. NOT. Four members of our cohort spent the night violently throwing up, three of them sharing only two bathrooms. Safe to say they now hold a bond no one else shares.

Those of us who did not fall victim to the Papa’s Pizza epidemic of 2017 were driven to work. With shaking hands, I walked with Leslie into my internship at Star FM Radio. She hugged me goodbye at the front desk of the station, assuring me that I would be fine while the receptionist declared my boss was missing. As she walked out of the station, I resisted my urge to hold her leg and beg her to stay. She’s not my mom and I figured I might be breaking a boundary of professionalism. I’m also not five, so that might be weird.

In all seriousness, my boss, who goes by Mr. Alex, could not be more kind and welcoming. Once they found him (not all who wander are lost) we got acquainted with one another. He has been the editor of the station for 7 months, working in radio for 11 years. When he introduced his job title, I responded like the charming, intelligent young women I am by saying, “you Sir. must be really great at grammar.” Nice one Nora, nice.

After deciding it would be best to keep my unimpressive stand-up routine to myself and shut-up, Mr.Alex gave me a summary of the station. He encouraged me to take the week to get comfortable with the station. And that brings me to this moment. I’m sitting next to his desk, wondering how long I’ll wait before asking directions to the bathroom. It’s been about 30 minutes since I’ve had to go, I bet I could wait to go for at least another 30.

Don’t even get me started about how long I can push off asking for the wifi password.