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Work Hard. Play Hard

JOY 99.7 FM is Ghana’s oldest and most prominent radio station. My internship has taken place here, in Kokomlemle, under the JOY Sports division. Immediately I realized the difference in culture, comparing America to Ghana. A utopia in my eyes where everyone talks to each other and each day at JOY is filled with laughter.

So far, my work has been done with the Joy Sports lead man, Benedict Owusu. Kwesi Benedict and I have covered a multitude of stories thru multiple mediums, broadcasting and radio being just a few.

Since I can remember, football, or soccer, has been an unpopular choice for sports to play as a Black male. I grew up with many of my friends discrediting the sport, leaving me as the lone man on the soccer pitch. In my community, football and basketball were played the most. The lack of popularity showed on my soccer teams as well. Ironically, soccer jerseys are becoming a fashion trend in America today.

I arrived at JOY Sports feeling more confident than most because talking/playing/watching football (soccer) is a large part of me. I felt more than comfortable immersing myself into the sports team and I believe my coworkers noticed that. Now, I have made appearances on JOY Radio shows like: LockerRoom, On The Move, and Sports Track. In addition to radio, I made my all-time broadcast debut on JOY News’ Sports Today and Touchline: Transfer Express with George Addo Jr.

All of this work does not go unnoticed and before I knew it, my coworkers were proving meals and a few drinks after work. Both of those kind gestures were loved the most by my bank account. I too, appreciate the love from my coworkers that I can now call friends.  We can relate to the world’s biggest game.