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For the Love of the Game

My favorite show on ESPN is ESPN FC. Of course, the show is relatively unpopular and has a mediocre time slot. The show airs at 3PM PST and talks about everything related to football (soccer) for thirty minutes. JOY Sports has its own version called Touchline: Transfer Express with Geroge Addo Junior.

Addo, myself, Eddie Aiken, and Raymond Nayamador talk about what’s going on in the Ghana Premier League, Major League Soccer, and European football. You can’t ask for more.

Sometimes the discussions get intense but what’s a panel without emotion?

This entry ends my time on Touchline as my time in Ghana comes to a close. I want to shout out George and all of the guys but also the new friends I have made at the Eden Vale Hotel & Training Centre. The chicken and jollof picture in the previous entry was a symbol of their hospitality. They were great to work with.

To all my brothers and sisters out here on the Gold Coast, I hope to return soon.