BlogBlog 17

Working at Radio Univers

Working at Radio Univers over the summer has been a great experience. It was fun being able to meet and connect with people your age from a different part of the country who have same or similar interests. At the beginning, it was a little awkward because everyone had their own assignments and I just kind of showed up in the middle of things. It wasn’t until I was getting ready to leave on Friday of my first week when they were holding a meeting to brainstorm on topics to discuss during their morning show the following week. Things like partying on campus, police role & enforcement, alcohol consumption, fashion, music and more were all brought up. I stuck around in the back of the room and just listened because I found it interesting and I wanted to see their take on things. Little did I know they wanted the same thing. They called me out and asked how a felt about the topics and how they compare to the United States and we ended up talking for hours on end. Radio Univers has also helped me get over my fear of public speaking. Talking on the radio and in videos has made me realize that talking in front of groups of people isn’t that bad. I just have to remember to take a breath and take things slow.