BlogBlog 17

Wait, 6 weeks is all we get?

Before leaving for Accra, six weeks sounded like an eternity. As we near the end of our stay, I can’t help but wish I had more time at my internship. Leslie encourages each of us to post our professional work on the blog, and many of my peers in the newsroom and at radio stations have been able to do so. Their work lives immediately in the real world, which is awesome because I’ve heard my voice on Starr FM (thanks for the interview, Nora), and seen our group photo in The Business and Financial Times (thanks, Cecilia!).

Due to NDAs and the nature of advertising, paired with our short stay in Ghana, neither my peers nor I will get to see the work Casey and I have done executed in the real world. We’ve created countless storyboards, written plenty of radio scripts, spent so much time concepting and brainstorming, but work in advertising takes time to produce. Our storyboards need to be filmed and edited before they can air, the print ads need photoshoots, someone needs to record the radio spot and purchase airtime. None of our ideas have come to fruition yet, and it’s a bummer. Because we’re leaving this weekend, Casey and I won’t be there for any of the shoots or unveiling.

It’s frustrating feeling like you don’t have enough time. I almost wish I had a few more months to keep working at Emerge with Casey, but on the other hand, I am eager to head home to family and friends, to try and explain what a crazy, wonderful time we’ve had so far in Ghana.