Watercolor in Ghana

Watercolor in Ghana

I’ve spent the past few weeks painting various scenes around Accra. Here’s a glimpse into our daily lives, via watercolor.

This is the Aya Center, our home for the past six weeks. One house, eighteen people.


We wash laundry by hand and hang it to air dry in the backyard. It’s difficult to get things clean here, especially when your freshly washed shirt falls off the line and into the mud.


Here’s the road outside of our house, with vibrant red dirt and beautiful houses. Also, the start of the trek to DNR (a delicious Turkish restaurant – check it out if you’re ever in Accra!)


Since we can’t drink the tap water, we had to find alternatives.


From off-roading on our way to Cape Coast to cruising the streets of Accra to get water at A&C Mall, this bus has seen it all. On any excursion outside of Accra, we could be found here, with Sammy, our fantastic driver.