BlogBlog 17

A Hard Goodbye

I’ve been having trouble processing this trip, knowing that it is now coming to a close. It has become especially hard as the first wave of our group left and everyone has had to say their goodbyes. The house is quiet now, leaving a space for me to reflect on my last 6 weeks in Ghana.

Many of my fellow students began to talk about what they were most excited to do when they finally got home. People talked about being ready for hot showers again, and how they’re going to get an In N Out burger as soon as they get home. Others said they are ready to finally be able to stream their favorite Netflix shows, or just curl up in their own bed. Although I am excited to experience all the comforts of home, I am left feeling disheartened at all that I am leaving behind.

Ghana has left me the happiest I’ve been in a while, and I attribute it to all of the little moments it has provided…

…like dancing across a canopy high up in the jungle outside Kumasi as Modest Mouse blasts out of my backpack, or watching the sunset at Coconut Grove after a great dinner with the side of drinks and good company. I don’t think I have ever laughed as hard as I did when Duane and Sean finally caught the lizard they were chasing all night in our home. At the waterfall in Volta, I will never forget looking around at everyone’s stunned faces and knowing they were all mirroring exactly how I felt in that moment, pure bliss. I will forever hold onto the nervous excitement that filled our house as we all got dressed for our first days at the internships. I can still remember the feeling of successfully getting on my first TroTro and getting off at the right stop for work.

Yes, finally arriving home and allowing time to decompress from this month and a half adventure will be nice, but I know what I am about to leave and it breaks my heart a little.

A thank you is in order to our group’s fearless leader, Leslie. My happiness and all of the little moments I will carry with me forever wouldn’t have been made possible without her.