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Dr. Leslie Steeves

Program Director; Adviser for Group A

I first came to Ghana on Fulbright in 1996 and have been returning ever since. Ghana is a beautiful and accessible country offering rich opportunities for media internships.   2012 marks my 10th year bringing UO SOJC students to Ghana. This is also by far the largest number to come with 24 students in two groups, three faculty leaders and two guests. It is exciting and humbling to see such a growing interest in sub-Saharan Africa at UO.


Dr. Michael “Doc” Williams

On-site adviser; Executive Director of the Aye Center

I have been working with the Media in Ghana program for several years now, and I have enjoyed my experience immensely. The quality of students who have participated in this program have been phenomenal — extremely bright, talented and creative! What I enjoy most about the program is seeing how both the student and the agencies they work for benefit from this service-learning experience. In short, everyone’s a winner, and I enjoy being involved in something this positive.


Catherine Ryan

Adviser for Group B

This summer will be my third time in Ghana. I participated in last summer’s Media in Ghana program, working as a reporter for the Accra Mail and falling dangerously in love with mangoes. During the winter I researched witch camps in the Northern Region for my masters project in literary nonfiction. My favorite part about travel is the bewilderment and disorientation of being thrown into an unfamiliar place: It makes one see life in a different light.

This summer I’ll be leading nine journalism students in the second group of Media in Ghana and teaching them about newsroom norms, how to buy anything from the window of a trotro, and, of course, the most efficient way to cut a mango.


Sonny Louis

Professional DJ; Trusted guide

Interview with Sonny coming soon!



Eric Nyarko

Obroni Bus conductor; Professional laugh-maker and advice-giver

What are your thoughts about driving? “That is my profession, and therefore I don’t find it difficult to drive you guys around.I’ve been doing this work since 1999.”

Do you like our group? “Why not?! (Eric laugh) One thing I have found about this group is that almost everybody is friendly


Sung Park

Adviser for Group B; Web coordinator

My first trip to Ghana last summer was at the tail end of at trip that I took to Liberia to train Liberian journalists in multimedia production. The start of the Ghana program coincided with the end of my time in Liberia, so I planned an extended trip and coordinated with Leslie to experience the first two weeks of the Ghana program. My main objective was to oversee the new web site/blog for the program as well as to document the experience with photography and video. I also held a photography workshop for students to help them take better images during their new experience. This was my first trip to the African Continent, so I had no expectations coming into a part of the world I had not experienced. I was very impressed with the warmth and welcome I receive during my time in Accra as well as in the rural areas that I explored. I am returning this summer to help lead students on two trips as well as to experience more of the country and culture. I will also continue to document the student experience as well.


Jan Monti

UO Foundation, Trustee

I came to Ghana at the invitation of Prof. Leslie Steeves.  We met in Pondicherry India in December 2012 while on the first Alternative Break to India sponsored by the Holden Leadership Center.  I was in India at the invitation of John Duncan, the recent Director of The Holden Center, to support student learning.  I was also there as a Board member of the Center and as a UO Foundation Trustee.

I am a strong advocate of educational innovation and especially of global education at the U of O.  When Leslie invited me on this trip, this Program was all new to me.  While here I have seen the commitment and energy she has given to create this kind of cultural and international work experience for students.  It is my intention to support Dr. Steeves and this Program by building awareness with UO advocates, Trustees and Alumni, by supporting Leslie in making this Program sustainable and in broadening its reach.  It is my privilege to be here with an exceptional group of bright, dedicated, and globally oriented students who represent what excellence is all about at the University of Oregon.


Kathryn “K” Owen

University of Oregon, Director of Regional Development

I came to Ghana at the invitation of Dr. Leslie Steeves to personally observe the important impact this program has on a students’ overall educational experience.  A Global education is vital, but comes at a high price.  Having experienced this program first hand, I can now articulate to donors the value and benefit of international internships to students, the University of Oregon and the host country.  I’m excited to be able to work closely with Dr. Steeves to secure private funding that will sustain the program for future students.


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