About Group 2 2012

 Ibiza Medina

Major(s): Advertising

Internship: Apex (Advertising)

I came to Ghana to gain experience through the internship program and learn about a culture I knew nothing about. Over the past 6 weeks I achieved these goals while also gaining a new appreciation for things I took for granted in America. I have treasured my time here and will miss my co-workers, friends, neighborhood kids, fruit, Azonto, and cheap whiskey packets.

 Enya Chiu

Major(s): Journalism

Internship: Net 2 (television)

I came to Ghana to explore and experience different cultures, learn about myself, and challeng myself to step out comfort zone. This trip has been the most insightful trip that I have even been on before and I have been grateful every single day for having this opportunity to meet so many genuine people who are sharing stories with me.
On the other hand, the environment saturated with music and art that made me think of home. Remember that one time we got cramps on the dance floor from Azonto-ing ? I am not a good dancer, but I am “ 2 cedis”. And like our spiritual guide said, I did come to Ghana to party.


 Jared Kaufer

Major(s): Journalism

Internship: Sports Graphic (Newspaper)

Ghana sparked my interest because I wanted to immerse myself in a culture I knew nothing about. The experience has been both humbling and surreal and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I enjoy playing soccer with the locals and making new friends. I have learned that Ghana has a great relationship with Jamaica and subsequently has become the land of Rasta. Also the gin is cheaper than water. I, too, love to party and dance until I can no longer feel my legs.


 Schuyler Durham

Major(s): Journalism

Internship: Public Agenda (Newspaper)

I came to Ghana to experience the vast differences in culture and to bring back all of the positivity I’ve found to my home community. I am the spiritual guide for group B (after being promoted from “president”), and I take my position very seriously. Since I’ve been in Ghana, I’ve discovered my love for dancing, banku, and bartering. I did not come to Ghana to shower or do laundry. I did come to Ghana to party.

 Myray Reames

Major(s): Journalism

Internship: Emerge Magazine

I came to Ghana to experience what I’ve dreamed about doing since I was little: be a photojournalist in a developing county. I knew this might be my only chance to visit Africa and I am glad I chose to take the plunge and come to a place I had not many pre-concieved notions about. I have learned many valuable lessons that cannot be taught in a classroom such as journalism ethics in a different culture, language barriers, and interviewing with a translator (or two). The culture is so rich here I will miss buying local banku for 25 cents, taking african dance and drumming classes in our front yard, and the opportunity to have a completely new day every time I wake up. I am glad I had the opportunity to come here not as another tourist obruni, but as a journalist gathering real stories about Ghanaians. We have taken it upon ourselves to be the next big thing in Ghana and create and Azonto music video to the popular “Chop my Money ft. P-Squared and Akon” Stay tuned. I too like to party.


 Lauren Messman

Major(s): Journalism

Internship: Joy FM

I came to Ghana in order to explore Africa and to learn about a culture very different than my own. This is my first trip abroad and in 5 weeks I have already experienced so many insightful things. I hope to apply my fresh perspective to my writing and reporting. While getting used to the nuances of a developing country has been difficult, I am going to miss the genuine people, the constant music and dance, singing karaoke while hand washing my laundry, reggae night, Club, and most of all, banku (my favorite Ghanaian meal). I have made it my prime objective to become an Azonto dance master, as well as, vamp up my iTunes with all the hitz from da club here in Accra, hence earning the well-respected nickname of “DJ T-roll.”


 Justin Epley

Major(s): Journalism

Internship: Crusading Guide (newspaper)

I came to Ghana to experience a culture and environment vastly different than my own. Having traveled abroad before I have a fondness for countries less developed than the one I live in. When you step outside of your comfort zone you can be amazed at what you will learn about yourself. I came to Ghana to learn more about media and journalism but what made the experience so rewarding was the people. Upon my arrival I had my doubts about my decision to study abroad, the culture shock was overwhelming, but when it came time to leave I wasn’t ready to go. I enjoy writing, all sorts of gaming, and after coming to Ghana I have a new enthusiasm for dancing. In conclusion, it is a common theme for my fellow study abroad students to have a fondness for partying and I am no stranger to good times.

Brandon Thoms

Major(s): Journalism

Internship: Today (newspaper)

I came to Ghana to experience how a different media system works and to immerse myself in a culture different than my own. This experience has been an unforgettable experience. I will miss a lot of things in Ghana, especially the fruit. It has been a pleasure to be an Africa for the past six weeks.

 Christopher Scotti

MA Candidate, Journalism

Internship: The Daily Guide (newspaper)

I came to Ghana originally to photograph all the amazing things here and bulk up my photojournalism portfolio. I fell in love with Ghana because of the amazing people and delicious food. I serve as the blog manager and, for these final weeks, the university rep. I am glad I could spend my last term as a student in Africa.


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