About Students 2015

Alex Morrison

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Internship: Ghana Football Association (GFA)

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/amorrison/

Having never been outside of the US except to play a football game I am incredibly excited for this experience. I grew up in a family with parents who had traveled abroad a lot and I look forward to finally be able to do the same. I am most looking forward to gaining perspective about international sports, the Ghanaian culture and the collective media process in Ghana.


Andy Tsubasa Field

Majors: Political Science, Journalism

Internship: JOY 99.70 FM

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/afield/

I am a sophomore studying Political Science and Journalism. I am very excited to intern for JOY 99.70 FM.  I am thrilled to be able to apply the skills that I have gained in the University of Oregon to use at a work environment overseas, but I am also eager to learn from how Ghanaians present and interact with news media, and take what I learn back to the United States.  My hobbies include playing guitar with my friends and eating ice cream.


Ashley Cordes

Major: Media Studies Ph.D. student

Internship: Starr FM

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/acordes/

I am currently in the media studies graduate program in the SOJC focusing on media and culture and Native American studies. My hobbies include yoga, outdoor adventuring, animals, and above all else travel! I have been beyond lucky enough to travel, study, and build memories abroad in the past (Amman, Jordan and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in Wales being my favorites so far!).  I am looking forward to interning and working alongside Ghanaians at Starr FM and ARHR.  This will provide an ideal educational experience with the potential to build strong relationships and learn the interworking of media in this country.  During my time in Ghana I expect to become evermore conscious of the fact that I am not just a citizen of the country I live in but also an adventurer/learner in the world, and a world that needs passionate media contributors. Stay tuned and please visit the blog to hear more!


Chantel Huff

Major: Advertising

Internship: Pensplusbyte
Link:  http://penplusbytes.net/

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/chuff/

I am a Senior in the school of Journalism and Communication. I decided to do the Media in Ghana program because I wanted to learn about Ghana’s use of media while immersing myself in their culture. I feel that this experience will allow me to grow as a person and learn something new about myself. I am so excited to join everyone on our adventure together as we explore the great country of Ghana.


Erin Hampton

Major: Journalism
Minor: Nonprofit Administration

Internship: Public Agenda

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/ehampton/

As a sophomore at the UO SOJC, I am delighted to be able to attend the Media in Ghana program early on in my education. I am hopeful that my internship at the Public Agenda, a newspaper that focuses on “giving a voice to the disadvantaged,” as well as my newly declared minor of Nonprofit Administration will continue to inspire me to live a life dedicated to others as both a journalist and a human being.


Franziska Monahan

Major: Journalism

Internship: Citi FM

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/fmonahan/

Having grown up in an international household, I have always wanted to travel and see the world. Because of this I am so excited and grateful to be a part of the Media in Ghana 2015 cohort. I have just finished my sophomore year at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication and I have a great interest in radio journalism. The UO SOJC doesn’t currently have a designated focus for students interested in radio, so I am eager to begin my internship in Ghana at Citi FM. I can’t wait to see the role radio plays in everyday Ghanaian life while also gaining real international journalistic experience and learning about a new place and culture along the way.


Gretchen Henderson

Major: Advertising
Minor: Business Administration

Internship: Amin EMA | Emerge Ghana Ltd.

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/ghenderson/

I am a junior at the University of Oregon. Post graduation, I hope to work for an advertising agency as a creative director. After studying abroad in Vienna, Austria last summer I was left with a hunger to see the world. In Ghana, I am interning at an advertising agency called Emerge Limited. I am excited to experience Ghana’s culture and explore the beautiful country on the coast of Africa.


Hannah Steinkopf-Frank

Majors: Journalism, International Studies
Minor: African Studies

Internship: Today Newspaper

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/hsteinkopffrank/

I am a junior at the University of Oregon studying international studies and journalism and am interested in arts journalism and covering issues surrounding gender equality. I currently am a freelance writer for Bitch Media, a feminist news organization, and a writing intern for the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation, a national leadership scholarship that I myself am a recipient of. At the University of Oregon, I am an editor for Dressed Up Ducks, the university’s style blog, and a staff writer for Quackd, a site focused on personal essays. Following graduation, I plan to work as an international journalist in a francophone or African country, so the Media in Ghana program is the perfect chance for my first foray into international journalism. I will be interning at Today Newspaper in and am looking forward to reporting on issues of local and international importance and developing my street photography skills in a new country.


Joanie Margulies

Major: Journalism

Internship: Metro TV

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/jmargulies/

I’ve always been interested in traveling to Africa, and now I can’t believe I’m actually going! I’m entering my senior year through the Media in Ghana program and am ecstatic to learn about how this incredible industry works in such a different place in the world. As a journalism major with a focus on TV/film production and development, I’m particularly interested in what draws Ghanians to a television screen. I look forward to learning about the process of programming and the physical production process of creative shows and news in Ghana’s unique media history. I’ve been consistently involved with UO’s Duck TV since my sophomore year, working in creative shows as a production assistant, editor, writer, and pretty much anything thrown my way. This summer, I’ll be interning at Metro TV. I look forward to learning the trade of the industry in another region of the world while expanding my skill set.


Justin Hun

Major: Advertising

Internship: Business World Magazine

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/jhun/

From originally studying architecture in Los Angeles, my path changed and lead me towards the UO Journalism school. I have a focus in design and art and I hope to discover my career in this last year of school. I have yet to experience a new country and I know that this will be a great experience and I am very excited to be going.


Kevin Trevellyan

Major: Journalism

Internship: The Daily Guide

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/ktrevellyan/

I’m at the tail end of my undergraduate education, majoring in journalism. My main interests are writing and photography, which I’ll get to indulge in at my internship at the Daily Guide newspaper. Beyond that, I’m excited to leave the country for the first time, and push my comfort zone and learn something about other people.


Megan Parrish

Major: Public Relations
Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies

Internship: Radio Univers

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/mparrish/

I feel incredibly blessed to be participating in Media in Ghana 2015. I am currently a junior studying Public Relations and Women’s and Gender Studies, but I hope to one day be living and working abroad full time. This experience is an opportunity to develop an international perspective on media and social activism while learning from a rich and vibrant West African culture. I will be interning at Radio Univers as well as working with the Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights with other Media in Ghana participants.


Morgan Coiner

Majors: Economics, Advertising

Internship: Orakle Multimedia Ltd

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/mcoiner/

I am a 21 year old female from the beautifully drab Inland Empire in sunny Southern California. My adventurous spirit began at birth, 3 days after my due date (sorry, mom, to keep you waiting). Once I opened my eyes for the first time, this scary world became more fascinating than anything else. My curiosity erupted and I haven’t stopped moving since. I am never satisfied and always interested. I couldn’t be more thrilled to spend my last summer as a college student in the wonderfully colorful country of Ghana.


Ryan Hagen

First Year Interdisciplinary Studies, Masters Program

Internship: Asante Kotoko Publications House

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/rhagen/

The opportunity to partake in this program and go to Ghana excites me. For starters I am not well traveled, and have only been out of the country twice, both times staying within the Northwestern Hemisphere. I view this experience as an opportunity to help me in gaining a better global perspective. As an aspiring strategist, focused on entering the advertising industry, I hope what I learn on this amazing experience will help me develop as a person and a professional.


Shirley Chan

Major: Journalism
Minor: Business

Internship: Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights, Radio Univers

Blog: http://ghana.uoregon.edu/author/schan/

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, my surroundings have always fueled my sense of adventure. There is a never ending list of places to be. My spontaneous mindset pushes me to always want to go to places where most people wouldn’t even think. Given my passion for visual storytelling and experiencing all there is to experience, Ghana was the perfect opportunity. I’ll be spending my time working with the Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights and helping out at Radio Univers. I want to tell stories that are otherwise untold. I can’t wait to hone my journalistic skills overseas and to immerse myself in a culture unfamiliar to me.