About Students 2014

421809_10151536779986873_1148050434_nAlexa Korkos

Major: Media Studies and Political Science

Internship: Media Foundation for West Africa

As a media studies major and an aspiring lawyer, I am particularly interested in the laws that govern Ghana’s media. I hope that working there will allow me to see firsthand how previous periods of severe media restriction impact the way the media operates today. In addition to these academic goals, I am excited for the opportunity to learn about a culture that differs drastically from my own. Stepping outside of my comfort zone will challenge me in many ways, but I know that this will be a rewarding experience that I’ll never forget!

20140525_140645Andrew Murray

Major: Journalism and Cinema Studies

Internship: Joy FM

I am a senior studying journalism and cinema studies at the University of Oregon. I specifically focus on broadcast journalism with a particular emphasis on sports. I hope to ultimately be a sports broadcaster either in television or radio. I’ve been a consistent contributor at Eugene’s KWVA Radio and UO’s Duck TV over the past two years. My duties have included reporting, video and audio editing, desk anchoring, talk show hosting, and audio engineer.

This summer I’ll be working with Joy FM, one of Ghana’s biggest radio stations. I look forward to learning the trade of the industry in another country while expanding my skill set.

1951c8dAzia Calderhead

Major: Journalism

Internship: The Daily Guide

I have dreamed of travelling to Africa since I was a little girl and when I heard about the Media in Ghana program it seemed like the perfect way to explore a beautiful country while gaining experience in journalism. I am passionate about storytelling because it allows me to raise awareness on the issues I care about, such as social justice, human rights, and women’s issues. In the future, I hope to work for an online multimedia news outlet, as a feature reporter in print or film, in broadcast news, or at a storytelling non-profit. For now, I am beyond excited and grateful for the opportunity to eat, dance, laugh, and work my way through the next few months in Accra.

Casey BroganCasey Brogan

Major: Public Relations

Internship: Unknown

I was initially interested in the Media in Ghana program because it presented the opportunity for professional work experience as well as a study abroad adventure. I’ve always had an interest in traveling to Africa and getting to do so with other students from the U of O seemed perfect. I am looking forward to learning media practices in Ghana, building relationships with my co-workers and peers, and developing as a person along the way.

 Ericca SteeleEricca Steele

Major: Advertising

Internship: Primetime Advertising

As we are just two weeks away from our departure to Ghana I couldn’t be more excited. Excited to step out of my comfort zone, make a whole new group of friends, and gain professional experience in an international setting. I thrive on adventure and I could not think of a better way to challenge myself personally and professionally as my time at the University of Oregon is coming to an end. Cheers!

Name: Gabby Robertson

Major: Journalism

Internship: Today Newspaper

I am a journalism major at the SOJC studying magazine and design. I also blog for Envision’s The Root.

10334280_10152186746148165_4631105174205690283_nJess Pinnell

Major: Journalism

Internship: Metro TV

I currently work for a non-profit organization in Eugene, Oregon that is dedicated to empowering at-risk youth through wilderness conservation work. After graduation, I would like to continue my career by working with overseas NGOs and eventually photographing war zones and natural disasters. Due to Ghana’s political stability and media freedom, I see Ghana as a safe first stepping stone for overseas journalists. As a proponent of immersion journalism, I hope that my straightforward, assertive personality will help me to produce quality, unorthodox work similar to that of VICE News and Journeyman Pictures.

IMG_2389Kaylee Brown

Major: Journalism and Public Relations

Internship: Brand Effect

Hi. I’m Kaylee, I’m 26 and I’m a senior at the University of Oregon’s SOJC program. I have a fatal attraction for human interest stories and from that I’ve become a passionate storyteller, an active explorer, a visual thinker and a gifted communicator. Words cannot express how excited I am to be interning here in Ghana and experiencing media production in a different culture. I plan to indulge in everything around me that I can to help shape my career path as journalism and become a better visual-storyteller. Upon completing this program, I plan to work at an American Embassy in a Spanish-speaking country to become proficient in my second language or work for a nonprofit that helps prevent human trafficking. One day I’d like to write a travel memoir about my life adventures and produce a documentary to create awareness about women’s rights in developing countries.

webmail-2.uoregon.eduLacey Johnson

Internship:  Friends of the Earth-Ghana

Major:  International Studies, Masters Program; Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management; Graduate Specialization in Food Studies

The Media in Ghana program is a perfect entry into the environment where I will be conducting research for my masters degree in International Studies. With a background in gender, development and environmental studies, as well as food systems, I am anticipating a valuable experience with a local nonprofit, while discovering the rich media landscape throughout the growing Metropolitan scene in Accra. As a study abroad advisor myself, I am excited to see the program in action and to discover the idiosyncrasies of Ghanaian culture, food, people and more!

Mara HarrisMara Harris

Major: Advertising

Internship: Orakle Advertising

I chose to participate in the Media in Ghana program because I wanted an opportunity to really step out of my comfort zone before graduating college. I always knew I wanted to study abroad and heard amazing stories about this experience from those who have participating in past years. Through this trip I hope to broaden my understanding of the world and have unforgettable experiences that I can take with me for the rest of my life. I also can’t wait to try the mangos!

Marino LapidusMarino Lapidus

Major: Advertising

Internship: Lowe Accra

I just completed my junior year at the University of Oregon and could not be more excited to spend my summer abroad. After applying to the UO out of sheer curiosity, I quickly fell in love with the people, programs, and overall culture of the Pacific Northwest. I currently study Advertising and hope to further my knowledge of the industry at a print or web design firm after graduating next spring. I love the outdoors, avocado, and meeting new people. I am still finding my niche in the ad world, but I hope this program will expand my ways of thinking, developing ideas, and working with various types of people. Go Ducks!

Megan ConnerMegan Connor

Major: Public Relations and Media Studies

Internship: The Public Agenda Newspaper

The Media in Ghana program is going to change my life and I am so excited to take part in this amazing opportunity! I’ve never been out of the United States before and I am looking forward to having my first international experience in Ghana. The Media in Ghana program will help me improve both academically, professionally, and personally. I’m looking forward to making amazing memories on this trip and experiencing a different part of the world!

monse'sbiomediaMonse Alegria

Major: Journalism

Internship: Radio Universe

I am a journalism major with a double minor in Spanish and ethnic studies. I am originally from Jalisco, Mexico and I moved to Oregon six years ago where I graduated from high school and currently attend college. I went to Western Oregon University for two years prior to getting accepted into the Journalism School at the University of Oregon. The University of Oregon has offered me great opportunities such as working for Spanish radio stations and traveling around the world (Spain and Ghana) to develop my career passions.


SpencerSpencer Orofino

Major: Advertising

Internship: Emerge

My name is Spencer Orofino and I am a Junior majoring in Advertising. I enjoy the simple things in life like 6-dollar burgers and sandboxes. I think that’s because I find inspiration in everyday things and do my best work when I’m comfortable. That being said, I know the best way to keep furthering my creative ability is stepping outside my comfort zone which is exactly what I will be doing this Summer in Ghana. I will be interning at an advertising agency called Emerge ran by Michelle Attoh. I am incredibly excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to get started!

528054_3657786118094_1372025434_nSumi Kim

Major: Journalism and Political Science

Internship: Citi FM

I am fascinated with and passionate about photojournalism and multimedia. I love hearing and sharing people’s stories and I work hard to visualize and produce compelling human-interest pieces. I look forward to getting out there in Ghana to meet and get to know new people, to become infatuated with its culture and food, soak up the sun, and have fun!

webmail-1.uoregon.eduTianna Waite

Major: Journalism

Internship: TV3 News

After falling in love with journalism while reporting in Afghanistan for nearly a year, I joined the Media in Ghana program because I have a strong desire to be an international correspondent.